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azuya breath & flow

we are back!

we move together. we breath together. we sweat together. we have fun together. we find stillness together. we are one together.
and all by ourself.
always with a special topic. @ very unique locations. with beautiful music.

we can't wait to breath & flow with you again.

coco & marsha

about us

azuya are marsha & coco. best friends since we were 12 years old,
we have been flowing together a long time now. it all started with a yoga workout at home and went on with friends and than suddenly people we didn't know.

we founded azuya in 2019 with crazy sweaty flows every tuesday & wednesday in the night club perle at famos zurich langstrasse. when covid hit we switched to online classes with lots of fun and technical struggles. we learnt a lot!

music is a key element of azuya. & fun! & the sun salut is our base. around this best thing of yoga we breath, we move, we dance, we work out, we find peace & stillness. our passion for yoga keeps us moving and let us grow together.

after a one year break we are back now.
stronger with more calmness and awareness.
with the combination of yoga, workout & breath for a healthy balance of body, mind & soul
we want to pass on joy of life.

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